• 75 years
    in shipbuilding
  • (Русский) БМРТ пр. 5670WSD

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    Customer Year of construction Class of a ship Number
    Fr.Fassmer GmbH & Co.KG,Berne, Germany 1993-2000 Boat (housing AMg partial completion) 7
    Estonian Shipping Co., Tallinn, Estonia 1993-1998 Multipurpose dry cargo vessel so on. 17380 2
    Fr.Fasmer GmbH & Co.KG, Berne, Germany 1998-2001 Special ships (hull with partial completion) 8
    Scheepswef Peters b.v., Kampen, Netherlands Frisian Star Shipping Co  1999-2001 River cargo vessel (body with partial completion)  6
    Russochart Shipping GmbH, Hamburg, Germany 2001 Coaster (housing with partial completion) 1
    Umoe Sterkoder a/s., Kristiansand, Norway 2001 The vessel for the transport of pallets (housing with partial completion) 1
    Umoe Sterkoder a/s, Kristiansand, Norway 2001 – 2002 Arctic trawler fishing for shrimp (body with partial completion) 3
    Dutch Shipbuilding Services b.v., Ridderkerk, Netherlands 2001-2003 River chemical tanker (hull with partial completion) 4
    Abeking & Rassmusen GmbH, Lemverder, Germany 2001-2003 Environmental vessel (body with partial completion) 3
    Abeking & Rassmusen GmbH, Lemverder, Germany 2001-2007 Ocean cruising motor yacht (hull with partial completion) 5
    Felisitas, Netherlands 2006 River container «Felicitas» (housing with partial completion)  1
    Abeking & Rassmusen GmbH, Lemverder, Germany 2007 Motor yacht type «SWATH» (housing with partial completion) 1
    ПС ФСБ РФ 2009 Environmental Ships “Octopus”, etc.. From 6457 1
    ВМФ РФ 2012 Scientific – research vessel towing pr.11982 “Seliger” 1
    Росморречфлот 2014 Multipurpose salvage ship “Baltica” project P-70202 1
    ВМФ РФ 2010-2015 Scientific – research oceanographic vessel ave. 22010 “Amber” 1