• 75 years
    in shipbuilding
  • Information

    General information about the issuer
    The full name of the issuer Joint Stock Company “Shipyard” Yantar “
    The abbreviated name of the issuer JSC “Shipyard” Yantar “
    Location RF, Kaliningrad region, Kaliningrad, Guskov sq,  1
    BIN issuer 1023901861213
    Taxpayer identification number 3900000111
    Unique code of the issuer 02357-D
    Bank details of the current account of the issuer to pay the costs for the production of copies of documents р/с 40702810720010000009; Kaliningrad OSB №826 Kaliningrad ;к/с 30101810100000000634; BIC 042748634;

    INN 3900000111;

    PPC 392501001;

    Code of Enterprise 0716652;

    NACE 35.11.1, 35.11.9