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    IMGP3282JSC “Shipyard «Yantar” is a Russian shipbuilding enterprise, located in the South East non-freezing part of the Baltic sea, close to the largest industrial centers of Europe. This factor makes it possible to deliver  ships and vessels to Navy and commercial fleet at any time of year.

    The enterprise development strategy covers four trends of business activity:

    • Military shipbuilding.
    • Civil shipbuilding.
    • Military-technical cooperation.
    • Ship repair.

    The major share of the portfolio of orders of JSC “PSZ “Yantar” customary are naval ships in the framework of the state defense order (72 % in 2013 and 90% in 2014) and military-technical cooperation (27% in 2013 and 10% in 2014).

    As for civil shipbuilding, it also gradually becomes a priority trend for the Shipyard.

    Strategy of development

    JSC Shipyard  “Yantar” strives  to use all accumulated experience for  successful  implementation of the state program “Development of shipbuilding in 2013-2030” , the purpose of which is to increase competitiveness  of Russian shipbuilding on domestic and world markets.

    In the enterprise development plan a complex of measures is scheduled for production facilities converting, equipment upgrading and increasing of human capacity of the Yard.



    пр-воArea of  production basis of the enterprise is 83 hectares.

    The Yard  has its own water area, along which is located the outfitting quay of 1 460 meters length and  of 8 meters water depth. The length of the Kaliningrad ship – canal for  finished vessel removing from the water area of the Yard is 50 km and its width allows  to arrange movement  of  vessels with maximum dimensions as 200 meters long and 35 meters wide.

    The unique climatic conditions of the ice-free  area of the Baltic sea, ensuring all –the-year-round  navigation, allows  transportation of  vessels to  customers at any season.

    The volume of  metal processing – up  to 12,000 tons per year

    Capacities  for assembly of sections and steel structures – up to 15 000 tons per year

    Area of covered  slipways and halls –  more than 600 000 sq. m.

    Outfitting  resources of the enterprise include  two slipway complexes, exactly   “Yantar” and “Burevestnik”.

    Dimensions of the building site “Yantar”  make it possible to construct ships and boats with launching weight  up to 10,000 tons, displacement  up to 12,000 tons,  maximum length – 145 m,  width – 26 meters. Small slipway “Burevestnik” provides  construction of ships with launching weight up to  2000 tons, width up to 15 m.


    IMGP3673Military products on Shipyard “Yantar”  includes the following types of naval ships:

    • Large anti-submarine ships.
    • Patrol ships.
    • Large landing ships.
    • Cost guard and environment protection vessels.

    Production capacity of the Yard and skilled professionals enable on par with  military shipbuilding to develop civil shipbuilding. The main specialization of the Yard – ships with high degree of power-consumption.

    Among them are the  following vessels:

    • for fishing fleet.
    • for port fleet.
    • Supply and service vessels for oil and gas fields developing on the Arctic shelf.
    • Research vessels.
    • Oceanographic vessels.
    • Transport ships.

    Geography of partnership

    Within its history Shipyard “Yantar” had built a great number of vessels for companies from Norway, Germany, Holland, Estonia and India.

    In the field of equipment and materials delivery the Yard has got a great experience in cooperation with foreign manufacturers of equipment and materials but the main suppliers are Russian companies including products being delivered in the frames of the Import Substitution Program.