• 70 years
    in shipbuilding
  • Custom made products

     Engineering and metalworking

    IMGP1336Engineering and metal  works are being executed  by subsidiary company  PJSC “Engineering Company “Yantar” (PJSC “MP “Yantar”). Total production area – 4331,5 m2. Structure of PJSC ”MP ” Yantar ” includes specialized subdivisions: metalworking, assembling, heat treatment, manufacture of rubber and plastic products.

    Engineering production has all necessary  technical capabilities and highly skilled personnel to manufacture a wide range of equipment for ship and marine purposes:

    • shafting;
    • stern tube arrangement and glands;
    • shock absorbers;
    • lifting and lowering device;
    • hydraulic cylinders;
    • gearboxes;
    • crane structures;
    • vessels under pressure;
    • container fittings;
    • molds, dies
    • winches;
    • spare parts, systems and units for various purposes.

    “MP “Yantar” has at their disposal  extensive park of machines, capable to  perform high-quality metal works of wide sector, including:

    • machining, assembly, mating of shafting, rudder stocks and rudder blades up to 17 m length, with a diameter up to 400 mm and weight up to 20 t
    • milling, boring, plane work on details of sizes up to 5000х2000х2000 mm
    • grinding on parts with weight up to 200 kg
    • tooth-cutting works on the gears with module of 1.5-16.

    PJSC “MP “Yantar”, in addition to participation in construction of  JSC “Shipyard “Yantar” orders cooperates with Enterprises of Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg.

    Production of  metal structures

    SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERABesides “turnkey” construction  JSC “Shipyard “Yantar”  proved itself as  the reliable subcontractor in  shipbuilding for partners of branch. Production of blocks, sections, superstructures, hulls  with partial outfitting – all a.m.  is being manufactured at “Yantar”  with  observance of customer’s terms and correspondence  to high requirements for  quality of finished goods.

    Production of  metal structures  is one of the primary  production trends. The Yard  has a good experience in production of metal structures of different function, among which are as follows:

    • sections and blocks of hulls and vessels;
    • crane structures;
    • pipelines and air ducts of big diameter;
    • vessels working under pressure and others.


    Products of  aluminium alloys and strainless steel

    Construction of vessels  and structures of light  alloys, stainless steel and  titan is being carried out by  specialized subsidiary company  PJSC “BELMET-YANTAR”. The latter  produces  also a wide number of products of  these metals.

    All products are being  made in separate shop, equipped by  cranes and all necessary equipment for cutting, bending and  welding  of metals .

    Among production of light alloys are such products  as:

    • steel and aluminum hulls up to 25 m long and superstructures;
    • ship rigging, yards, masts, capstans, winches, cleats, hawse pipes, ladders, gangways, covers, doors, tanks, and other structures both of Al and steel, including stainless steel;
    • aluminum boats up to 6 m long;
    • aluminum and steel welded anchors;
    • details of rudder-steering complex (rudder blade with rudder stocks, etc.);
    • elements of small architectural forms.