• 75 years
    in shipbuilding
  • Quality System

    Maintaining high product quality is one of the main tasks of “Yantar”. Quality control is independent on production. Central laboratory, laboratory of electrical measurements, laboratory of acoustics and electromagnetic protection are equipped with modern measuring equipment, what provides strict control of works and materials quality at each stage of the order execution.
    The quality management system of Shipyard “Yantar” meets all requirement of international quality system ISO 9001.
    Such well-deserved high evaluation gives the Yard the right to perform a full range of shipbuilding and ship repair work, starting from design studies and up to trials and delivery of commercial vessels and naval ships.
    The factory is well aware of the role of specialists qualifications of all production sectors in ensuring, maintaining and enhancing the achieved level of quality of our products. For this purpose there is arranged a system of workers and specialists training and retraining with their subsequent certification, in accordance with standards of the company applicable from 1999.


    • Certificate of compliance with ISO– 9001 – 2011 — construction and repair of naval ships and boats, special purpose and service vessels No SK 0119 (valid till March 25, 2016).
    • The certificate of conformity ISO– 9001 – 2011 — construction and repair of civil vessels No SK 0120 (valid till March 25, 2016).
    • Certificate of conformity of the enterprise to RMRS No. 14.00001.121 — requipment, modernization and repair of technical supervision objects, construction of vessels (valid till 30 January 2019).
    • Certificate for implementation of development, production, testing, installation, assembly, maintenance, repair, utilization and implementation of weapons and military equipment 002433 WME – PR (permanent).