• 75 years
    in shipbuilding
  • Social policy

    Иван Иванович Иванов, сварщик-сборщик металлоконструкций

    Shipyard ” Yantar ” – it is a town  with its streets, buildings and embankments.

    Today the company employs more than 4,000 persons. Managers of the “Yantar” appreciate hard work and devotion of  employees to the Shipyard and in their turn  managers pay much attention  to social policy, which aims to develop, train and improve staff loyalty.





    Shipyard “Yantar” – for aspiring, talented, ambitious person!

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    Today the  “Yantar” is  involved in training of  high quality professionals for its team. There are strong linkages with specialized educational institutions. The main advantage of studying in such institutions for future shipbuilders is that the learning process is practice-oriented. Specialists and managers take direct participation in educational programs. Students are being trained in production shops.

    Every year more than 500 Yard’s  workers improve their skills at the expense of the enterprise by means of  variety of seminars, trainings, conferences.


    Shipyard “Yantar” – for healthy, cheerful, energetic!

    CIMG1625The Yard pays  special attention   to health of workers and to education of responsible attitude to their health.

    In the clinic of the Yard  our doctors hold constant free of charge preventive checkups. There are a variety of life and health insurances for employees. Employees and members of their families have the opportunity to visit the sanatorium ” Yantarny” and dispensaries, and their children regularly  improve their health in the camps at the Baltic sea shore.

    Sport and healthy lifestyle  is actively supported by the Yard. Young shipbuilders from ” Yantar ” are  the permanent members of the in-house, local and regional competitions. Traditional sports are  football, rowing, and others.



    Shipyard “Yantar” – is for persons who are confident in their future!

    Иван Иванович Иванов, сварщик-сборщик металлоконструкций

    Young specialists granted residence on favorable terms, with the first six months rent-free. The plant has two hotels, which have the ability to stop visitors to the city who want to enter in the team friendly team of factory “Yantar”.





    Shipyard “Yantar” – for active, fun and honest!!


    On the initiative of a young and active part of the workers at the Yard is  formed a Youth Council, which arranged an active social work. Young people are involved in various cultural events. They take  care of the orphanage “Nadezhda” , including festive presentation for children  and gifts for them. Young men care  about  ecology of our  region through continuing raids with the aim of strengthening the Curonian lagoon, Vistula spit.

    The veterans of the Shipyard arrange their own council.

    Trade Union organization at the Yard has more than one thousand members. The Union is a reliable defender of  rights and interests of workers.

    Employees of Shipyard  “Yantar” remember and honor their history, carefully preserving it for future generations. In December 2012, a solemn opening of the Museum of Labor Glory of the enterprise took place.

    Let’s build the future together with a good team of professionals  with great  experience and ambitious plans!