• 70 years
    in shipbuilding
  • Ship repair

    Научно-исследовательское судно «Витязь»

    The company has extensive experience in performing of all types of repair of ships and vessels and has all the necessary equipment and highly qualified personnel for these works. Authority of  ” Yantar ” in ship repairing attracts customers with a high volume of complex work. Customers of the Yard  are both Russian and Western European ship owners.  Shipyard «Yantar» has repaired totally over 450 naval ships and commercial vessels.


    The Baltic Shipbuilding Enterprise “Yantar” offers the following services:

    • repair of the main and auxiliary engines;
    • repair of electro – and the radio navigational equipment;
    • repair of hulls and vessels, including replacements of steel of a framing and shell plating;
    • cleaning of hulls up to SA 2,5 degree;
    • coating by the epoxy and antifouling paints;
    • repair of shaft lines and propellers;
    • repair of fittings and pipelines;
    • repair of hydraulic systems;
    • production of ship furniture, finishing of accommodation rooms, insulating works of all types;
    • checking up of devices and measuring instrumentation and automated control systems.

    Shipyard “Yantar” has at its disposal the unique complexes of testing of power & propulsion plants of the vessel under load what don’t require any trial runs.

    The enterprise has an extensive experience on re-equipment, lengthening and full conversion of vessels.


    The Yard  carries out the following types of works:

    • lengthening of hull up to 150 m;
    • replacement of main engine and auxiliary diesel generators, including tests;
    • repair of rudder-steering complex, main engine and anchor winches;
    • repair of hydraulics of hatch covers;
    • installation of new hatch covers;
    • shortening of a stern, including reinstallation of equipment;
    • replacement of steel shell plating, framing and pipelines;
    • full painting of vessel, including holds and tanks;
    • repair of mooring arrangements, separators and ballast pumps;
    • production of the new superstructure of various alloys (except plastic), bridge and masts, including finishing of internal rooms and installation of navigation systems;
    • raising of the forecastle deck;
    • production and installation of deck cranes, boat davit, including tests;
    • repair and replacement of failed electric equipments, an electric cable, electric boards;
    • reconstruction of ventilation system for accommodation and holds on the base of developed WDD;
    • installation of new system of water fire extinguishing.


    Our works

    КрузенштернThe Yard  was engaged in re-equipment of the following vessels into the floating museum:

    • research vessel the “Vitiaz”,
    • the “Cosmonaut Victor Patsayev” research vessel,
    • B-413 submarine of the pr. 641.

    Repair work of one of the largest sailing vessels in the world – a four-mast bark the “Krusenstern” was customary  carried out by Shipyard “Yantar”.

    In 1996 the “Yantar” had executed  dock repair  of the “Sviatitel’ Nikolay” (Petrozavodsk) – the exact copy of the Pomor ladia-koch . This completely wooden vessel was constructed without any nails, without rivets, on technology of shipbuilding of the 17th century.

    Conversion works were carried out on the following orders:

    • A series of dry-cargo vessels 2150 DVT , consisting of 5 units (reconstruction).
    • The bulk vessel the “Tege” of 1298 DVT (conversion from the bulk ship into the container carrier).